A new website.

Talk about a fresh start.  The 'old' website was starting to get comments...like "it's ugly."  Then along came my son and daughter to rescue.  As a birthday present.  "Dad, we're going to make you a new website."  Gotta love kids who turn a negative into a positive!

So here we are with a new look, a new selection of images, and hopefully it isn't ugly!

This blog will be connected to the facebook page, because we all have to be connected, don't we.  The facebook page is at Facebook.com/MSCPix or you'll see little facebook icons on this site's pages, for easy access.

So if you run across this page in your web travels, just drop a quick "Hi" in the comments to let me know you've visited.  I promise the next blog post will be full of free stuff, sex and a great new ice cream flavor.